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More and more, we are realizing that American Burmese, Siamese, and Tonkinese cats have problems as a result of inbreeding. When the breeds were imported, 100 years ago, too few cats were imported, and, as a result, breeders were forced to practice incestuous breeding. In some cases breeding fathers to daughters and mothers to sons. Lack of genetic diversity, in the Thai cat community, living outside of Thailand, has resulted in group of cats with inbreeding issues.

This is a known problem and I am doing what I can to do something to address the inbreeding issue.  As an example,  I am importing cats from Thailand as a means of introducing new genetics to our breeds suffering from lack of genetic diversity.  Specifically, I am importing cats and distributing them to other breeders who want to do something about the genetic crisis facing these breeds. 

However, there is more to this than importing cats and handing them off to other breeders. I have created a small community of breeders and all the new genetics that come into the country will be shared amongst that group.  We will not share cats, because cats are creatures of habit, do not like change,  and cannot be passed from person to person like a rag doll. When they arrive, they go to a forever breeding home. But, what we are doing is sharing offspring of the imported cats amongst ourselves. 

I have created a cat colony that at the moment spans from Connecticut, to Pennsylvania, to Virginia. It is a cooperative effort between three breeders, and hopefully more, that will will result in a genetically healthy community of cats. Have a look at the cats in our colony. Check back because as new breeders join our colony, and more cats are imported, and  more are born, there will be more to see. 

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