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Recent advances in the study of genetics has revealed some of the secrets behind the unique colors of cats that come from Thailand and their unique behavior. Genetic testing allows us to know more about Thai cats than ever before. 

Readily available genetic tests have removed the mystery about Thai cat genetics and replaced it with fact. In this section we will be providing up to the minute information about the genetics behind the cats we love. 

There are three sections to look at presently. Thai cat genetics, 101, Genetic testing, and Matings and results. In That Cat Genetics 101 we will go over the basics of Thai cat genetics. In genetic testing, we will let you know where you can get genetic testing done.

Matings and Results is a super fun section. Here you will be able to follow matings of Thai cats and the kittens that result. Be prepared to be surprised. What you think you know about Thai cat color genetics may turn out to be the case. Come back to the section, as the generations of cats appear! 

Understanding the Genetics

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