So, when you see a black cat in Thailand, what you cant see is as interesting as what you can see. They are really beautiful in appearance, but, when you breed them, you can end up with a litter filled with surprises. 

Black Cats Can Carry All Four Thai Coat Color Genes! 

The significance of the Thai Konja is that depending one it carries and who it is mated to , you can end up with all kinds of kittens. They may be black or they may be one of the other coat color mutations found in Thailand. One of Konja's at the centers genetic formula is Bb Ccb Dd. So, she carries chocolate, Burmese, and blue. Check out one other matings and the result. 

Check Our That Eye Color !


The black cat of Thailand is called a Konja. And, its a black cat. I think what is especially appealing about these cats is that they have micro short hair and it is super shiny. So, its not just a black cat, its a shiny panther like cat. Genetic Fornulae that can result in a Konja are as follows. 


aa BB Ccb DD

aa Bb Ccb DD

aa Bb Ccb Dd

aa BB Ccs DD

aa Bb Ccs DD

aa Bb Ccs Dd

 So when you see a black cat in Thailand, it may be carrying Chocolate, Blue, Siamese, or the Burmese Gene. But, as long as you have one big B and one big C in the genetic formula, the kitten will be born black. So, you could summarize the genetic formula that results in a black cat as follows

aa Bx Cx Dx. 


Black cats are rather like red and tortie cats. You either love them or hate them. We have two at the center in DC and I love them. Of course being black, whatever their eye color is, it pops. But, when you get that fantastic Thai eye color combined with the black frame, WOW. 


The Thai Cat Center 

She had two platinums, one sable, and blue.