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If you are interested in learning more about the cats of Thailand, there is a book you must have. Its called, "Siamese Cats, Legends and Reality". The book was written by Martin R Clutterback and it is the  best book ever written on the subject. Truly, if you are interested in cats of Thai origin, regardless of what breed that might be, you must have this book.  You don't know anything about Thai cats until you have read this book. You can get the book at and I always use a vender named Seate Services. Excellent book and excellent bookstore!

The other book we highly recommend is "The Cats of Lamu" by Jack Couffer. The books is about another natural breed of cat, the Lamu Cat, and, is informative about the nature of the Natural Breed of Cats. Well worth the investment.

Interesting Links

Martin Clutterback has the most amazing website which has loads of information not found in his fantastic book. This is a site worth visiting.

There is a Thai cat enthusiast, in Thailand,  that has the most remarkable Facebook page. He updates his page all the time with the most incredible photographs of cats in Thailand.

‚ÄčOne of the Maew Boran/Thai Cat breeders, a man named Khun Preecha Vadhana, does more than breed cats. He rescues them. There is a neighborhood in Bangkok that is going to be demolished and all the people have left. But, the cats are still there. In this link, you will see Dtu on his run to that abandoned neighborhood to feed the cats.