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Cat Registration

Registration of Maew Boran

The principle registering organization of Thai cats, in Thailand, and in West is an organization called "The International Maew Boran Association" or TIMBA. TIMBA is actively involved in the preservation of the Natural Breed of Thailand referred there as the Maew Boran. Its activities include the registration of pure Thai cats, the stewardship of the breed in Thailand and in the West, and promoting the breed amongst enthusiasts and pet owners. Cats that come with a TIMBA registration are certified to be of pure Thai origin. 

In addition, Maew Boran are now registered, ironically enough, as an experimental breed in The International Cat Association (TICA).  The only way to register this ancient breed with a Western cat association was to call it an experimental breed! In any event, Maew Boran are now registered with TICA.  A Maew Boran/Thai kitten may come with a TIMBA registration, a TICA registration, or both.