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Genetic Testing

Today is a new day when it comes to breeding the Natural Breeds! 

‚ÄčThis is largely due to the fact we now have genetic tests that allow us to understand the genetics behind any natural breed, and in this case, the genetic make up of the cats native to Thailand. 

Let me give you one example. Blue cats, in Thailand, are called Korats. Genetic testing of Thai Korats reveal that there are seven different genetic combinations that can result in or "make" a Korat. Though they all look like a blue Thai cat, in fact, they come from many different genetic combinations. 

Why is this helpful? In Thailand, Korats are just about as healthy as any other cat walking around Thailand. They are not subject to or prone to diseases any more than any other Thai cat. 

In the west, breeders began eliminating the genetic diversity of imported Korats, and whittled the coat color genetic make up to one genetic combination. Korats in the west are now prone to diseases that are not known to exist in Thailand.  The "purification" or elimination of coat color genetic diversity has resulted in cats with health problems. 

Genetic testing allows us to look at the genetics of the healthy Thai Korat, and look at the genetics of the not so healthy American Korat, and see how they are different. 

This may sound like cat breeder nit picking, but, one of the objectives of the Thai Cat Center is to learn how to preserve the Natural Breed found in Thailand. Genetic testing allows us to study the cats in Thailand, study the cats in the west, and see what works and what does not work. 

Genetic testing is one of the tools we are using to preserve the natural breed of cats found in Thailand.