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Breeders in Thailand 

For sure there are people that breed cats in Thailand, but, its nothing like cat breeding in the west. 

Lets start by remembering that in Thailand, it is one breed that comes in many different colors. In the west, Siamese, Tonkinese, Burmese, Korat, and so on are all separate breeder and their are breeders who breed those specific breed. Imagine a world where all these coat colors were seen as one breed. Well, that is the way it is is Thailand. And breeders breed accordingly. They will breed what a westerner would call a Siamese with a Korat, and the kittens would be whatever color the kittens would be. 

We have mentioned this before and it would pay to mention it again. While all the colors are considered to be members of the same breed, or perhaps race is a better term, there are some coat colors that are considered to be more desirable. What is a desirable color? One of the colors mentioned in the ancient Thai cat poems. The most popular amongst Thai breeders would be Siamese, Korat, Khaomnee, Burmese, and Suphalak. Because these all get mentioned in the Thai poems. 


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Breeders in Thailand