The Thai Cat Center 

(Helpful for introducing new cats)

(Basic cat tree we use, there are many more)

(For mishaps)

(Great for pregnant cats, going kittens, older cats)

(Stick toys)

(Tasty paste)

(Great first toy for kittens heading home)

(Healthy dry food)

(Cat exercise wheel)

(Sprinkle on wet food)

(Lysine is great for helping cats get over colder, there are several ways to administer and your cat may like one and not another)

(Scratcher toy)

(Calming spray - for trips to the vet and such)

(Many cats like moving water, easy to clean and has a filter)

(Assortment of toys)

The Best Products for the Best Cats - Recommended by the Experts

‚ÄčFor questions about any products, please email:


(Nail trimmer)

(Healthy wet food)

(For good digestion, helpful for transitioning kittens to a new home)

(Non-clumping litter)