The Thai Cat Center 

Thailand is home to hundreds if not thousands of markets, and where there are markets, there are cats. I am a big open air market person. Working in ethnobotany most of my life, I would hit the open air market to meet the local herbalist and find out about local medicinal herbs. Thailand is remarkable in that I have never seen so many markets with such diverse food products for sale. The topic warrants its own book.

But, even more interesting are the cats you find lingering around the markets. Thailand is home to at least five coat color mutations(Siamese, Burmese, Blue, Chocolate, and Bankok) and the cats at the market have all those unique coat traits in combinations you would never see in the west. They pick their mates and as such, a Siamese might select a Korat or a black tuxedo, and as the parents themselves are so genetically rich, the litter could contain kittens of just about any coat or eye color. 

Beyond that, the Thai market cats are freakishly friendly. As friendly as any of my Burmese house cats back in the states. Obviously not all of them, but, most of them. There is a distinct personality trait found amongst Thai cats and you see this big time at the markets. Watch the video below and see a typical market cat, a blue tuxedo, who let a perfect stranger rub his stomach. I have been to open air markets around the world and there are always cats. None that you would touch! Oh no. They are wild wild wild. 

​Watch the video and see how unique the Thai cat personality is. 

Market Cats in Thailand